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I was born in Budapest Hungary in 1983 and immigrated to Canada with my family in 1989. I grew up in southern Ontario, and received a BFA degree, majoring in photography, from NSCAD University in 2006. I currently live in The Canadian Maritimes. I have been actively practicing digital photo assemblage since the early 2000’s. With the evolution of computer technology and imaging software I am able to finally bring to life the complexity of work that I envisioned from the onset with my relationship with photography. My creations are a combination of the photo realistic, the abstract, the figurative and the baroque. My artwork explores aspects of the human condition by investigating such themes as identity, hegemony, violence, sustenance, life, death, rebirth and interpretation of beauty. My works emphasize subject matter and demand a close critical observation through my use of alternative means of painting with light. My works are part science project and part design practice using experimental photographic techniques, melded together creating a tug of war aesthetic in a struggle between the micro and the macro, the beautiful and the grotesque. I aim to explore timeless natural experiences such as creation, destruction, and re-creation. All of my source material is dead and decaying that I acquire from a variety of different sources. Viewed from a distance the works are kaleidoscopic, anthemic, and abundant in symmetry. Viewed up close they reveal their own biology and inner workings, sometimes revealing the grotesque building blocks the works are built from.

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